Friday, February 17, 2012

Standard Full Monty

Back in 2009, we were all titillated, outraged, or both by the Standard Hotel's porny displays of guest exhibitionism. For months, they posed, screwed, and jerked off for the tourists on the High Line. And then we stopped hearing about it. But did the show ever end?

I looked up at the massive slab of glass on a recent morning to see a fleshy figure at a window.

A man, a woman? I zoomed in. Clicking away on a cell phone in full Monty, the man wore aviator shades and a thick mustache. (I've blurred his face here to preserve his, uh, privacy.) Very 1970s--an homage to what the Meatpacking District used to be?

He made his connection and chatted away, showing off for the shoppers and tourists below.

Who was he talking to? His mother? A phone sex operator? Or does he do this when phoning MasterCard to settle the issue of his late fee?

A moment later, he grabbed hold of his "turgid member" and began tugging.

And then, running out of courage or maybe needing more drugs, he padded away, giving his ass to Chelsea.

The big question is: Will these highjinks make their way east to the new (more quiet and introspective) Standard East Village?